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When should a Fuse board be upgraded?


Consumer units are also known are Fuse boxes or fuse boards, they are installed in the installation to trip when there is a problem or when someone in your home might get a shock. The RCD or Fuse is designed to trip and stop the electrical current from continuing to flow through the cable and prevent any more danger to the installation or living person.

Consumer units are designed to pass electricity throughout your home in a safe manner. RCD’s are always installed in a new consumer units and I can’t stress enough their importance. RCD are designed to trip within a split second if there is any problems on the circuit such as a faulty appliance or if you accidently damaged a cable when hanging a picture for example. RCDs are so much more intelligent compared to the old rewireable fuses or just stand alone MCB’s.

How do I know my consumer unit needs a upgrade?

Any consumer unit without RCD protection basically speaking needs an upgrade, any consumer unit with a wooden back is usually installed around the 1950’s and I would definitely recommend an upgrade.

How to know if I have RCD Protection?

you will know If you have an RCD as it will have a button with the letter T or test written on it. This button should be pressed every 6 months. It is advised your press it now. (it should turn off some of your power) if it does or you have any concerns about it contact an registered NICEIC Electrician or ourselves.

What to consider when thinking of upgrading your consumer unit

It is important that when your are considering getting it upgraded that your use an registered, qualified electrician as the work is required to be signed off by building control and it’s a very important safety feature of your home, if done incorrectly it could lead to a house fire or even worse electrical shock. at LET Electrical services we are fully insured ,registered electricians and offer a 6 year insured back warranty with all out work.

Here’s a consumer we upgraded previously:


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