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How to Fix An Electrical Fault or Tripping Fuse


Follow These steps below to try and fix your electrical fault or to diagnose where the problem may be:

( be warned that when trying to reset a fuse it may spark or bang)

First check which circuit has tripped within the fuse box (consumer unit) it will be down or look similar to this:

 or it could be that you have a split RCD Board with one side of the fuse box completely off (An RCD has a Test button on it)

Tripping RCD in Poole

 If it is an MCB check to see what the circuit does, it should say on the label underneath the fuse or you will know because you won’t have power to that circuit.

If it’s an RCD turn off all the MCB’s (Picture of MCB Above) or circuits off after that RCD and try to reset the RCD, if it resets then turn on the other fuses 1 by 1 until its trips again. You should have now located which circuit has the problem on it. Now try one of the steps below:

If it’s on a socket circuit, un-plug all appliances on that circuit and try to reset the Fuse. If it reset’s start to plug items in 1 by 1 until it trips again. If the fuse wont reset after you un-plugged all appliances then the problem may be more serious and would advice getting a professional electrician.

If it’s a lighting circuit turn off all the light’s by turning each light switch into the off position and try to reset the fuse. Then switch the lights one by one until the fuse goes again. Or it could be that one of your outside lights may have water in it.

If you would like more advice or would like us to double check that the problem is fixed or you cant get the problem fixed yourself, give Lewis a call at LET Electrical services on 07429402479.

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