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Electrical Fires and How to prevent Them


Electrical fires make up for a total of 20,000 Fires across the UK each year, many of which could have easily been prevented with some very basic steps. 89% of electrical fires are made up from electrical products such as cookers, microwave’s, electrical lighting and TV’s. the remaining percentage of fires are caused by poorly maintained electrical installations which could have been prevented by follow some of these tips below;

RCD Protection (Residual Current Device):

An RCD or RCBO is another means of protection compared to just a Miniature circuit breaker (MCB), RCD’s are designed to prevent you from getting a fatal shock that an ordinary MCB wouldn’t. When getting your Fusebox upgraded it will be installed with an RCD or even better a RCBO. RCD’s are installed within a consumer unit (fuse box) you will know if you have them installed if you have a circuit breaker with a trip button on it.

Yellow Button is the Test Button
Picture of a Typical RCD

Electrical Installation Condition Report:

Ensuring that your home has been inspected and tested in the last 10 years will help to prevent an electrical fire in your home because it will ensure that all termination with-in the consumer unit (fuse box) will be re-tightened and all circuits will be checked to ensure there isn’t any problems on any of the existing circuits and that they comply will regulations.

Picture of a completed EICR
Completed by LET Electrical Services

Smokes Alarms:

Smokes alarms are life savers and by keeping them maintained they will ensure you get a heads up if a fire breaks out, it is advised to have interlinking smoke alarms as if one smoke alarm detects smoke then it will trigger all of the other interlinked smokes throughout the property. They should be tested by pressing and holding the test button on them and battery changed if they keep beeping.

Picture of your typical interlinked Smoke Alarm/detector

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