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Is Confusion over LED Lamps costing you money?


For quite some time now I have been having discussions with clients about the benefits of LED lighting, the conversations usually, have themes like, LEDs are for toys you don’t

Proud to be an Electrician


A strange title you may feel but to me this is an all encompassing statement and one which hopefully every electrician will say. But does their work and standards reflect

Why Use an NICEIC Registered Electrician?


The majority of my customers don’t understand what Part P registered actually means. However most customers have heard of the NICEIC and feel these ‘letters’ mean something good and they

Electrical Hazards In The Home


Research available from the electrical safety body, the NICEIC, has found that the public are mostly unaware of the electrical dangers lurking in their homes. Householders that were questioned had

When should a Fuse board be upgraded?


Consumer units are also known are Fuse boxes or fuse boards, they are installed in the installation to trip when there is a problem or when someone in your home

Electrical Fires and How to prevent Them


Electrical fires make up for a total of 20,000 Fires across the UK each year, many of which could have easily been prevented with some very basic steps. 89% of

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